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An insight into the types of people who bet on sport to be relayed from a brainiac so engrossed in what he or she is watching that they fail to communicate with others (often their own teammates) and thus take more risks than they ought to.

The problem with this assessment of how England are playing, is that it was widely expected to be a disaster. To score just three goals from three World Cup games, a record low for England since 1940 and their second lowest in finals history.

A weak England side should be thinking up ways to come up with an attack. On the contrary, England have attempted a whopping 15 shots at goal, the lowest among the top five teams and they have scored two goals.

England should be hurting, right? Wrong. Despite the fact that England are losing, their supporters are content.

People are too easily manipulated. The players’ flaws should be magnified because of their team’s perceived flaws. England had their moments in Russia but there is no indication that they can consistently perform as well as their opponents.

Maybe England are a good bet in a time of war. If you had money on them, it wouldn’t make sense to bet on them for fun in a time when they are under severe pressure. You would be more likely to wager on Germany or France because they have more obvious flaws but a better chance of winning the tournament.

It doesn’t make sense to bet on a country with a known flaw. England has a history of underperforming at the World Cup.

But it does make sense to bet on the country that is most likely to be humiliated in the World Cup final.

Michael D Higgins, the President of Ireland, is set to visit the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow to see the first match involving the host nation since it hosted the 2018 World Cup.

The visit will take place two days before the Ireland/Croatia game. However, Mr Higgins will have seen both of England’s matches by the time he arrives.

In the first two, England looked unconvincing. More than that, they looked like a side that knows they aren’t that good but know their reputation is based on a success at the World Cup, a tournament they haven’t won in 32 years.

If he goes to the final, he will have seen England beat Croatia, likely to be his final World Cup. And he will have seen his country look like a bunch of guys who don’t know if they’re actually going to win or not.

In the eyes of the rest of the world, Gareth Southgate’s England are an embarrassment.


Harry Kane has not scored a single shot on target in Russia 2018. His performance against Croatia in the third place playoff took England’s tally of shots at goal up to a whopping 15.

Meanwhile, Croatia have gone one step further. The match at the Luzhniki on Saturday saw them end their tournament with a staggering 24 shots at goal.

England have never hit more than 17 shots in a World Cup. This time it has been 24. And Croatia have one more goal than England.

The Ballon d’Or winner Luka Modric has put in a man of the match performance. Croatia’s Mario Mandzukic has scored two of the goals.

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