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in-depth analysis and insightful tips to help you get the best out of your betting experience

The information contained in the app was gathered during our daily analysis of all the UK betting markets at the end of each day. It then went through a series of filtering and grading algorithms to produce the database that is currently used in this application.

I personally signed off on the data collected and it is, to date, the most detailed analysis of UK betting markets in existence.

In the course of the analysis, and after taking into consideration all of the sources and contributions of the various quantitative and qualitative indicators (including our own), I decided to allow only the data and indicators which made the greatest contribution to my final rankings.

The list of indicators in the App gives an indication of the various strengths and weaknesses that are currently represented in UK betting markets.

All the indicators have been assessed by a panel of experienced professional researchers over the past few years. There is a lot of specialist knowledge and experience in the panel and no one has a “favourite” indicator. There is, for instance, not a single favourite from the area of Race Predictor and it’s this level of consistency that I’m delighted to see in the panel and which I believe to be reflective of the value that the indicators provide.

The last version of the App underwent a large number of major improvements to make it easier to use and offer additional functionality. There are two examples that I would like to share with you here:

Takes into account what you’ve just bet on

If you’ve bet on a race that has just finished, the App will provide you with some useful information on the result. In addition to showing the winning result, if you have bet in the original ante-post market, the App will also show you some information on how the race has progressed since you placed your bet. The App will even provide you with the historical charts for all the races for which you have a history. This makes it easy to see if the results of your previous bets reflect the eventual performance of the race.

Makes historical data easily accessible

If you enter a few bets into the App, it can show you the history of your betting on any particular horse. The App is not “brute force”. You can easily see the historical performances of a horse in a particular race, or in a particular division, as well as the main historical trends that are at play in that division. You can also see which events the horse has done particularly well in.

This is extremely useful for someone that wants to try and make informed predictions on horses that they may have never seen before. For example, let’s say that you believe that Royal Ascot and York will be the strongest circuits for this particular horse. Then, just by entering a few races, you can see how he has performed in those two particular meets.

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