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An insight into the types of people who bet on sport by Ivan Cleary that will make you wonder why he is still a professional sports coach.

Cleary, the coach who failed with Penrith and helped NSW win a series, thinks fans who consider themselves better than other fans are ‘vile’.

The 67-year-old was fielding questions from reporters after the Tiger’s loss to the Roosters on Sunday, when he was asked whether he thought he was a better coach than South Sydney legend Michael Maguire.

‘Yeah. We’ve got the best team in the comp and they played the best game,’ Cleary responded.

Ivan Cleary has received a lot of stick after their defeat to the Roosters

It’s perhaps surprising to hear a sports coach offer an insight into the type of people who believe themselves to be better than other fans.

Cleary spent most of his career as a player or coach at the Tigers before he was sacked in 2017. He said he would ‘never go back’ to the club in any capacity.

It is unlikely he will be employed by them as a coach now, either.

After the Tigers’ capitulation against the Storm on Friday, his side is on a three-match losing streak.

Time will tell whether Cleary is forced to readjust his ways.

He might need to take the tip from a certain shark, whose actions during the State of Origin series are well documented.

Daryl Halligan, who worked as a safety consultant during the construction of the Mosman Shark Wall, claimed he was nearly swatted by a shark in the water at the construction site during a heated argument with another employee.

Daryl Halligan said he was nearly swatted by a shark at the construction site

The white shark swam out of the water and narrowly avoided the construction worker’s foot

The worker, who was dressed head to toe in protective clothing, was drenched in water after the incident.

Halligan told the Daily Telegraph on Wednesday: ‘I shouted to the guy, “If you’re gonna piss me off, I’m gonna run you over”.’

It’s safe to say sharks weren’t scared of the construction worker.

‘I opened the door, I almost run over the shark,’ the man told ABC News.

‘I’m gonna scream and curse and run up and down this f***ing street until I put everyone off.’

A Westpac Rescue Helicopter swooped in when he suffered a heart attack.

The employee, who was dressed head to toe in protective clothing, was drenched in water after the incident.

The 40-year-old was stabilised by crews and flown to hospital in a stable condition, according to the report.

Home and Away star Lisa Gormley was the other person injured in the accident.

She also suffered a heart attack and was taken to hospital. She has since been released.

The construction worker was stabilised by paramedics and flown to hospital in a stable condition

The incident comes just days after a shocking shark attack near popular beach Seven Mile Beach at Byron Bay.

Local man Tristan Coates, 30, suffered critical injuries and remains in a critical but stable condition in a Gold Coast hospital.

It comes just one month after an elderly woman was attacked by a shark while swimming in the same area.

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