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Lawrie a commercial pilot is up for sale after his wife left him, having said she was ‘drained’ of their sex life.

He is now asking £500,000 for the 5,300 square foot ‘Bollywood style’ mansion which he has lived in for 10 years.

The 39-year-old millionaire is selling off the penthouse flat, above the Charter Court, and says it is ‘too much hassle and expense’ for him to look after.

The cost of the flat is around £300,000 more than the original purchase price of the £3.5million home, including the £360,000 kitchen.

Lawrie is selling the terraced house, above the Charter Court, in Millbank, central London, after his wife of 10 years left him, saying she is ‘drained’ of their sex life

Lawrie, a pilot for a Virgin Atlantic, says it is ‘too much hassle and expense’ for him to look after, having said the house is ‘too big’

Lawrie, 39, an ex-marine, is selling the 5,300 square foot flat for around £500,000

All 10 windows in the new penthouse terrace are now large sliding glass doors with bars on the other two sides

The kitchen includes ‘exquisite champagne fridge’ along with ‘exquisite en-suite bedroom with glass doors’

A designer shower room, where a large rock crystal basin sits on top of a cream marble wall

He is now living in a two bedroom flat in his home town of Ashtead, Surrey, which he bought for £600,000 two years ago.

In the listing on luxury property firm Savills, Lawrie says the property is ‘unlike anything else on the market’.

‘This is not just any house. Its outside is stunning and inside as well. It is a world class home that has a kitch (Kleinberg) feel to it and really makes a statement,’ he says.

‘This house does not have an online presence because of the price and its size, that and the fact that it has not had any updating. It has only been used for 20 years.’

The main floor has two bedrooms and the en suite bathroom, along with two massive kitchen spaces

A designer shower room is one of many unique features in the bathroom, with the ensuite wall facing the mirror

A full-size basement is said to be under the floorboards in the basement. The ceilings are from nine feet to the roof

Lawrie, who is estimated to be worth £15million, added: ‘It has 10 spacious bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, a separate basement, and four reception rooms with high ceilings and magnificent proportions.

‘The floors are all Pergo-sanded, all exposed brickwork, you could eat off of it.

‘This house is essentially two houses put together with a basement.

‘For the money you could buy four brand new luxury houses in the centre of London. It is too big to keep up with with its upkeep and maintenance.

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