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An insight into the types of people who bet on sport in 2014: The Japanese can’t believe the degree of trolling in the world of esports right now. At a panel event on esports at the Niagra Cup in Toronto, host Jatt and Riot Games’ community manager Justin Lemcke shared a list of what they consider to be some of the biggest faux pas in the business of gaming.

Some of the biggest offenders: IGN streamed League of Legends matches without informing the viewers that the site had partnered with a gambling site for a $5,000 prize pool. Also, an overzealous fan called out a pro player on Twitter, which led to the then-Riot star being at a L’arc en Ciel show where a fan attacked him in the crowd.

There’s a lot of spirit in the industry, with people trying to push esports forward, and that passion makes the following list from one reader extremely impressive.

It started with someone who was disappointed that League of Legends’ KeSPA cup in South Korea didn’t include any kpop and that he had to listen to Korean rap rather than Japanese music while listening to other foreign games. This lead him to a pro gamer, and he didn’t only ask for an autograph or a picture, but he also asked him to give a shout out to the kpop star named Yoon Daemin, who he hadn’t heard of.

While the rest of the panel talked about the health of the esports industry and asked some basic questions about a player’s focus, then pro player Zhu “NDD” Zhengde didn’t even bother to pay attention. Instead, NDD stood up and brought the mic over to his ear.

Then, he asked if there were any kpop stars at the event and even managed to recite one of their songs from memory, including the entire lyrics. The crowd went wild and NDD was met with applause and cheering when he asked if the fans there were satisfied.

“I was blown away by the sheer passion and awe in this person’s voice,” the fan wrote in a detailed e-mail that he later posted to the esports blog Inven. “In Korea and other countries, where kpop is as popular as in America, it’s common to see the kpop stars interact with fans. They go out of their way to greet the fans and even sign autographs for them on the spot.”

“They speak to their fans with an easygoing and excited tone,” he wrote. “It is also common to see fan gifts handed out to the kpop stars at events in Korea. However, the standard response from NA players is merely a vague ‘Oh, this is nice,’ or a ‘nice gift.'”

“Now I understand why the player I met didn’t want to even see me again. As cool as it was to meet him in the flesh, this is exactly why I would never approach pro-gamers for autographs or even simply a picture with them.”

According to NDD, this goes back to a time in which he played a game called SSX on Tour with a guy he met while he was part of a team that had flown to Korea. As he describes in an e-mail to Inven, this game was so popular in Korea that the pro team’s flights were subsidized by KeSPA.

“[It] was pretty much unheard of before,” he wrote.

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