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An insight into the types of people who bet on sport.

Several pints of beer were drunk by several of the men, though none were passed around so as not to risk having a bet laid on a game.

As it was such a huge crowd, I imagine the security were on high alert.

Our team won 2 – 1 and were mobbed by a raucous crowd of fans, who spilled onto the road.

It took me almost an hour to get back to the office.

This evening has been taken up with a long phone call with my parents and catching up on their holiday.

Then sleep.

I’m still a little bit jetlagged.

I have many times put this in my list of guilty pleasures.

It’s one of those shows that you love watching because it is so bizarre, so out of the ordinary and so completely ridiculous that it’s actually pretty fun.

I like to call myself the show’s nerd girl.

Basically, we had lunch and sat on the grass and it was so nice because you can drink wine.

When we walked back to the car, it was raining.

We went to the Tesco Express and got ice cream and cider and the shop owner came over to chat to us, drink a few pints of cider himself and then sing me a song.

It was quite lovely and quite drunk.

So here’s what happened.

We took the seven and a half minute bus from Docklands to Victoria Coach Station, where our coach was waiting.

We were five minutes early but I don’t trust any of the private buses in London to actually run on time.

The journey back to Yorkshire from Salisbury was, as I mentioned in my last blog post, fun.

There was a bit of a lull at one point, where we weren’t going fast enough and we ended up going backwards at a crawl.

But other than that, the journey was lovely and we had our little in – seat satellite television and we were sat next to an older couple who were reminiscing about when they were first married and their first holiday, so that was lovely.

I love travel, especially when you’ve been somewhere that most people have never been to.

I like that you can see so much more of the world when you travel by coach.

You get the best view of the landscape and scenery.

We got in at about 10. 30pm and had a quick chat to the coach driver and then went to bed.

Woke up on Sunday morning and had a quick wash and change before going into London for the day.

We had a big day planned out – we went to the London Dungeon which is really cool, and we had lunch at Pheasant in Trafalgar Square and we went on the London Eye.

After that, we got a taxi back to the hotel.

The rest of the day was spent doing nothing and falling asleep.

And now, we are on the coach headed back to Yorkshire.

I can’t wait to get back and get back into my everyday routine and get back into my blogging routine.

I’ve really missed it this week.

And also, I have a big driving test to prepare for, so I have a test to sit, which is quite exciting.

I also need to update my CV, and my wardrobe, and get some sort of new hairdo, because this hair?

It needs a cut.

And a colour.

And the split ends need to go.

It’s not a good look.

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