Famous Sporting activities Bettors. Folks That will Gamble In Sporting events Regarding A Existing

An insight into the types of people who bet on sport, and then saw it and lived it through their overpriced TV packages.

2. The Punter

Source: Source: YouTube

Two points about this person:

Their liver, or livers, have been missing for far longer than this clip has been online.

They know a lot about sports but do not know a whole lot about anything.

The youngster has got a point.

3. The Convenience Watcher

Source: Source: YouTube

This poor lady is living in the past. The question is, if you get to choose what you watch, would you really rather watch something like Footy Story on the evening News, or something on Netflix, like Roma, but with Mexican subtitles?

4. The Non-Icrier

Source: Source: YouTube

This person missed the boat on the internet, and the internet has missed them. No pressure, but they’ve got work to do.

5. The Dead Hand Sports Fan

Source: Source: YouTube

This poor soul is one of the most ironic instances of people hating something just because it’s good. His feelings on AFL are in every scrawl on his arm inked with the St Kilda mascot.

6. The Bah Humbug

Source: Source: YouTube

A tradition among many groups in this country — and probably in the world — is to always be negative and hate something, but put a little bit of attention to it and you’ll get pumped up by it.

This is the warm-up act for the AFL grand final, of course.

7. The Mad-Man

Source: Source: YouTube

A self-declared cult member.

Not sure if he’s got anything better to do on a Friday night, but if he does, it’s a wonder what’s got him that excited.

His only hope is that the match’s entertaining enough.

8. The Midget

Source: Source: YouTube

Maybe this is a sports fan, or maybe he’s just a man who has one of those.

Either way, he clearly doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “midget” — he should really watch a few more games before making an assumption like that.

9. The Ordinary Idiot

Source: Source: YouTube

Like the Japanese gambling culture discussed above, this person is the only person left in the pub having fun, even though it’s a Friday night and they should be spending it at home getting ready for a night out with friends.

There’s a certain life that’s cheaper and more convenient, but still a little less fun.

10. The Diet Fighter

Source: Source: YouTube

A proud Canberra Raiders fan.

He’s one of the few who isn’t blinded by the promises of a better future, and understands that the club can’t just turn the team into a premiership contender overnight.

His super-healthy and careful approach is admirable, and he deserves credit for sticking to his guns.

11. The Fall Guy

Source: Source: YouTube

No more bulls***, time to stop talking.

12. The O’Neills

Source: Source: YouTube

“Where’s the game?”


A lot of people ask this.

13. The Boomerang

Source: Source: YouTube

See above, minus the lack of balance.

14. The Fin

Source: Source: YouTube

If this is a real person, they don’t have a life, as far as I’m concerned.


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